DeconRecon Jam asks us to create a new game using the mechanics from the old Atari arcade title Missile Command. In this entry, you need to drop dynamite on the aquatic Deep Ones until your fellow investigators can finish the chant to banish Father Dagon back to his eternal slumber. If all of your companions have been taken, it's Game Over!

Controls: Use the mouse. Left click = drop. It will explode when it reaches the depth you clicked at. You can hold 5 sticks of dynamite; reload at the box of explosives as you run out.


  • Your goal isn't to kill Deep Ones (they are infinite and there are no points) but to protect your fellow Investigators until the time runs out. If a Deep One is no threat, you don't need to kill it.
  • Once an investigator is grabbed, they're gone. You cannot save them. Focus on the few that remain.

Known Bugs:

  • If you click ABOVE yourself the dynamite won't explode, it'll just fall off the screen.
  • Deep Ones will get distracted and attack targets that no longer exist. I considered fixing this, but until the difficulty curve is smoothed out it makes the game much harder.


  • Replace placeholder art with real visuals
  • Add music and sound
  • Smooth out that difficulty curve
  • Title screen and real game-over/victory screens