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A dozen strangers find themselves amnesia-stricken in a strange facility with no clues as to how they got there save for the wailing of alarms and the flashing of lights. Amidst the noise and chaos they try to get a handle on who they are, and whether they can trust one-another - and what happened to the staff that should be watching over them.

Let the World Burn is an atmospheric paranormal RPGMaker adventure about trust, identity, the persistence of memory, and group dynamics.

  • 11 characters, each with their own special talents
  • Exploration focused adventure
  • Emphasizing story over combat (no combat in v 0.11)
  • Piece together the mystery of what has happened


  • Nicole - Single mother. Special skill: Mom Voice
  • John - Photographer. Special skill: Photographer's Eye
  • Courtney - Corporate Exec. Special skill: Document analysis
  • Harold - Cop. Special skill: Biggun'
  • Archie - Venture Capitalist. Special skill: Tech Bro
  • Carlos - Extreme Sports Enthusiast. Special skill: Parkour
  • Zelda - Stage Magician. Special skill: Sleight of Hand
  • Becka - Journalist. Special skill: Interrogation
  • Maksim - ??? Special Skill: ???
  • Felicia - Heiress. Special skill: Savoir Faire
  • Olivia - Retiree. Special skill: Physician

Let the World Burn is at an early state of development, using largely stock RPGMaker assets as placeholders. The story is planned out, and the demo represents 10-15% of the game. Ultimately custom character art and tilesets will be commissioned.

Known Issues:

There's a pretty severe bug where if you go back into the security office after the power's turned back on, sometimes you'll get trapped. It'll be fixed in the next release, but for now... don't.


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