Development Continues

The Zeitgeist 1980 kickstarter garnered $1640 in support, falling almost $900 short of its $2500 goal. Accordingly, I lack the art and music budget to produce episodes 2-4 with the same sort of art and music as were present in this one.

WHY exactly this didn't work is something I'll cover in more detail later - but the short version is that I didn't have nearly the game dev fanbase required for the project, and most of my fiction readers didn't cross over to support me here. The path forward is to fill out my game dev portfolio with more projects, show off what I can do, and build that fanbase up.

Meanwhile, development of Zeitgeist 1980 will continue as a Twine project. The artistic and musical requirements are lower, overhead is lower, development more rapid - and it's playable in a browser. Browser-based games get a lot more casual play than apps you need to download and install, so the hope is that we'll see more conversion from player to fan this way.

So, that's the deal. If the Twine version does well enough and brings in the budget I need for art and music, I'll definitely do a Godot port - the architecture is already built, I'd just need to convert the story logic from Twine to Ink, and that's not a huge burden.

The work, as always, continues.

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