Rascal and the Boxer Launch

Rascal and the Boxer, the first episode in the serial interactive fiction gamebook 1980, has officially launched. I started writing the game a year ago for National Novel Writing Month - first with a Twine prototype - and we now have the first part of the godot release complete and ready to go. Give it a spin.

What's next? Well, I'm going to be working on the second episode, with inspiration drawn from 1980 movies Caddyshack and Alligator. Don't worry how that fits together, trust me, it works. Or it's working so far, at any rate. I'll need to budget for more art and music, so for that (and the planned third and fourth episodes) I'll be running a kickstarter campaign in early 2021.

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RascalAndTheBandit.0.3.zip 34 MB
Nov 02, 2020

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